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Clove’s platform gives you exposure to a diverse audience with a high intent to cook your recipes.

Elizabeth M.

One Pot Shakshouka

Elizabeth M.

The Small Spoon Co.

The Mediterranean Table


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Frequently asked questions

Applications for our founding creators program are now officially open.

What is Clove and how does it work?

Clove is a personalized recipe platform that helps people discover and cook recipes that are perfect for their unique goals. Our mission is to get more people into the kitchen – and see the benefits that come from cooking more regularly.

Who can apply to become a founding creator

Founding Creators will have a proven track-record of publishing high-quality, tested recipes. To apply to become a founding creator, simply share a link to your recipe portfolio and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours about the status of your application.

Do my recipes need to be exclusive to Clove?

Good news, your recipes don't need to be exclusive! If you have a blog, cookbook, or recipe account on social, you're welcome to share your favorite recipes on Clove. You don’t need to spend any extra time creating new recipes just for us.

What happens if my application is not approved?

Our goal is to slowly open Clove up to all recipe creators. You’ll be added to a waitlist to be considered with the next cohort of creators.

How many recipes do I need to submit to become a creator?

We’re asking for a minimum of 20 high quality recipes. You are welcome to submit as many recipes as you like.

Can I make money on Clove?

As a founding creator, you will have early access to our monetisation program.

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